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March, Spring is almost here

It is officially March, and Spring is almost here or so I wished. We have been shovelling and plowing our way out of this snow storm with no where else to store the snow. Although, the light is hanging around just a little bit longer, a few birds are finding last season's berries and pods to eat up and seedlings are underway.

If you're also suffering through a prolonged winter, try forcing spring inside. Today some of my hyacinths have bloomed and every time I walk by our coffee table, I catch a sweet scent lingering in the air. Forcing bulbs indoors is incredibly easy, whether you buy bulbs or even buy pre-planted pots at the nursery or grocers. Think outside of the box, you do not need to use a flower pot to plant your bulbs. Add some visual interest and plant your bulbs to a low dish, teacup, kitchen bowl, deep seashell, hallowed eggshells, or vase. Next add some hydrated moss on top. And lastly, pick in other textural elements such as willow branches, dried florals or seed pods to either add interest or act as a structural element for more flimsy flowers such as paper whites.

Enjoy a pop of colour in the home in this seemingly never ending winter.



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