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March, Welcoming of the Seasons

GOOD TIDINGS OF MILD SUN CRESTED MORNINGS AND THE BEGINNING OF SUN DAWDLING EVENINGS. Windows open of sweet air. Rivers thaw. And spring emphatically yet gracefully forces herself through the seasons prior. MINI EGGS TOP SUNDAY PANCAKES. Such treats we have. Branches blossom. Tulips, hyacinths and daffodils fill our garden boxes. THE GARDEN WAKES. Nature resets. Birds return, babes are born. Seeds are sown and the air is lighter. Foster this lightness, through your home, your work, your heart. FOR SPRING HAS SPRUNG. How we welcome your softness.

As spring often brings us lightness with delicate moments of her beauty shining through, it is also a season to reflect on our resiliency through a seasons past. The world feels heavy and dark and oscillating images of war in Ukraine and regular social media posts may feel overwhelming. It is a time that perhaps spring doesn't feel so light. With this heaviness, I find myself seeking more of our natural world as a self-soothing medium. Spring walks, bringing outdoors in, forcing bulbs, starting seeds, and soaking in the unbridled warmth of the sun have become medicine during this time.

This is a time to do what we can, feel what we must, empathize where we need but also protect our own minds and hearts. It is a time where perhaps personal silence is louder than action as it allows for the voices that need to be heard, to be heard. I pray for Ukraine and the citizens of Russia as they face such atrocities. This is a space where I hold no geopolitical foundations nor do I hold space for opinions on international conflict. This is a space I cultivated during a time where I realized I needed more grounding. I was working in an industry that seemed to promote ego-centered false realities which were carefully curated online rather than in person. I created this space as a place to share and to dream, but also to escape and shall you also need a space to escape, I ever so welcome your presence. If it is not a space you need right now, I completely understand.


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