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O U R   S T O R Y

Caribou farmhouse & Acres is about living life in the slow lane and living life intentionally & gratefully.
The Cariboo was never a place I imagined myself settling down, in fact it is seven hours in the opposite direction from where my five year plan was going to take me. Life changed when I met Bryan though, our approach to what we needed in our lives at that moment changed and we realized that we had very similar dreams in building a place which we were proud of. We moved to Forest Grove, a small community just outside of a three-light town. Our quaint town doesn't offer much in the department store sense, (in fact my online banking told me shopping had gone down 43% -scary), but it certainly offers us the ability to foster our animals, and soon to come animals, as well as gardens and bees and the simplicities of life. It requires us to do our own handiwork, to make use of what we have and to become content with less. 

Our long term goal is to create a space to invite guests into our Barn & Bale, shoppe and gardens to be reminded of the timelessness of simplicity. We have a while yet before this side of Caribou Farmhouse & Acres can come to fruition but in the meantime our goal is to bring this same sense of joy in simplicity and mindful curation into our online community. It is my hopes that we can create a community to share these moments of happiness, of living in alignment, of living with intention, of going back to slow living admiring the timeless ways of past and appreciating the beauty of which those moments bring; whether that be a horizon where the sky and earth touch, the smell of a handed down recipe baking in the oven or picking through your garden moments before a meal.

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