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Farmhouse Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are one of my favourite traditions from the holidays

Advent calendars have certainly changed over the years with companies marketing just about everything you can think of, from candles, to toys, whiskey and of course chocolate. When I was younger, my mum sewed us a large tree shaped advent where she would fill the pockets up with the same carved nativity figurines each year. It was something my sister and I looked forward to every season.

My favourite part of a DIY advent calendar is that you can fill it with whatever you want and make it as personalized as you'd like. This one is by far my favourite. It is simple enough to create, small enough that you do not need a large display area and ties in with the Farmhouse or rustic aesthetic.

Directions and Materials:


-small mercury baubles is currently out, but these were the ones I was going to originally buy

-vintage bottle rack -I can only find the galvanized version now

-fresh clippings from your garland or backyard

-items to fill pouches with

-scissors or paper cutter

-linen paper

I have included links for all the materials but this is a great time to use what you have as well!

  1. Print & cut number days out with scissors or paper cutter and fold in half

  2. Fill pouches with whatever you'd like

  3. Tie 25 pouches to the rack with 5 in each row

  4. Tuck the numbers in randomly

  5. Decorate with bells, baubles or greenery

  6. Wait for December One to open

Your Calendars do not need to include chocolates or things, but could be fun activities to do, Bible verses, quotes, tea or homemade trinkets or gifts. Be as creative as you can!

Some Stand Alternatives

Seasons greetings,



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